my husband’s girlfriend’s husband

i could spend an afternoon recalling the phone call with my husband’s girlfriend’s husband. (a sentence i never in a million years thought i would write) but i’ll save that for my mom and my girlfriends and cocktails. many many cocktails. this poor dumb husband. he was me just a couple of months ago. clueless. […]


my hubby went to italy this week on business. or to hide our money. hard to say. his family owned company is based there and we have an apartment there. also a bank account that i have no access to in the same city. the company sold in june but there are still odds and […]

some somethings

my kids have been gone for the past 9 days. 9. days. it’s the longest i’ve ever been apart from them. they flew all the way to phoenix by themselves to spend some time with my family. i, you see, am in no condition for (mostly) anything. so i stayed behind. on the way to […]

they don’t know mine

it’s out. the people have been told. family. kids. friends. pastor. we are getting a divorce. i obviously thought a LOT about the kids. how to tell them. how to make this easier. how to protect them. i read and i listened to tons of advice. it was hard. it was awful. but then they […]

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