i don’t believe you

my mail woman delivered a package to my house yesterday. i thanked her and she asked if i had a bottle of water. of course i ran in and got her two and a little snack pack of cashews. it’s still close to 100 degrees here in houston. the afternoon humidity is ungodly. she looked […]


what a week. i got to the lowest low. it was a deep, dark, hallow drop. a free fall with emotions so big and heavy i couldn’t do anything but plunge deeper. darker. i had a choice. die… or live. made a therapy appointment. drank some water. called my friends. called my mom. read two […]

at least i changed my clothes

i changed my clothes today. my oldest pointed out over breakfast that i’ve been wearing the same shirt since sunday. i put on workout gear. socks and shoes and everything. but then i had a panic attack. took a pill. meditated while the dog licked my ankles. there’s only 2 things on my list today. […]

not okay

i am not okay. just not okay at all. i’ve been in a hole. a deep, deep, dark one. i am so hurt and lost and angry. i’m scared. i’m anxious and i’m having trouble getting out of bed. i’ve been moving only when my kids are around. drinking, crying, staring, sleeping. it’s just about […]


i meet with lawyers tomorrow. yes. lawyers. plural. going to take a team to tackle this mess. mo money mo problems. i was sent a list of things to gather and bring to our meeting: any information i have about assets (bank accounts, property, investments, company sale). evidence of infidelity. abusive communications. children’s information. i […]

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