not okay

i am not okay. just not okay at all. i’ve been in a hole. a deep, deep, dark one. i am so hurt and lost and angry. i’m scared. i’m anxious and i’m having trouble getting out of bed. i’ve been moving only when my kids are around. drinking, crying, staring, sleeping. it’s just about […]

milestones and wishing him dead

divorce is not for the weak. we’ve been at this breakup for 2 months now. 2 months. it feels like we still have so far to go but tonight i’m allowing myself to remember that we’ve already survived several big divorce milestones. i won’t torture myself by reviewing them all but it’s good to know […]


i meet with lawyers tomorrow. yes. lawyers. plural. going to take a team to tackle this mess. mo money mo problems. i was sent a list of things to gather and bring to our meeting: any information i have about assets (bank accounts, property, investments, company sale). evidence of infidelity. abusive communications. children’s information. i […]

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