i don’t believe you

my mail woman delivered a package to my house yesterday. i thanked her and she asked if i had a bottle of water. of course i ran in and got her two and a little snack pack of cashews. it’s still close to 100 degrees here in houston. the afternoon humidity is ungodly. she looked […]

my number

this week has been all about the money. he wants my “number.” what’s it gonna take, rachel? how much do you want? i wish there was a number that would fix all this. a pile of cash that would end the worry. a dollar amount that would stop the hurt. how about 15? that’s the […]

milestones and wishing him dead

divorce is not for the weak. we’ve been at this breakup for 2 months now. 2 months. it feels like we still have so far to go but tonight i’m allowing myself to remember that we’ve already survived several big divorce milestones. i won’t torture myself by reviewing them all but it’s good to know […]

life rafts

this week, y’all. this week. never before have i dealt with such gross, disgusting, skanky drama. i was unprepared for the pounding that was coming. wave after wave from a giant emotional hurricane nearly drown me. eventually, i will write about it. and about the incessant screaming thoughts that loop on repeat in my head. […]

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