milestones and wishing him dead

divorce is not for the weak. we’ve been at this breakup for 2 months now. 2 months. it feels like we still have so far to go but tonight i’m allowing myself to remember that we’ve already survived several big divorce milestones. i won’t torture myself by reviewing them all but it’s good to know that some progress has been made. it’s good because last night i just wanted to lay face down and give up.

i think we’re doing reeeeeal well at the not being together part. it’s all the logistical details that make me want to rip my hair out. that, and the constant reminders of his betrayal and lack of remorse every time we speak.

he was impossible to work with when we were married. we couldn’t even hang a picture without fighting. how on earth are we supposed to sort through 15 years of accumulated money and assests without killing each other?

also, i wish he would die. (don’t tell anyone i said that but god, i really wish he would.)

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